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Gouldian Finch Food, Care, Lifespan, Breeding, Price, Etc

Gouldian Finch Food, Care, Lifespan, Breeding, Price, Etc

The Gouldian finch is one of the most beautiful of all pet bird species. It is a splendid, diverse bird with energetic plumage. Its timidity with people makes it a most loved bird for the individuals who appreciate taking a gander at birds however don’t have any desire to deal with them. This finch is exceptionally friendly with birds of its sort. A little gathering of these modest birds makes for a phenomenal showcase in an enormous nook.


Breed Overview

Comman NAMES: Gouldian finch, Gould’s finch, rainbow finch, Lady Gouldian finch, painted finch

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Erythrura gouldiae

Adult SIZE: 5 to 6 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 6 to 8 years


Origin and History

The Gouldian finch is local to the fields of Australia. English ornithologist John Gould named the bird the “Woman Gouldian Finch” for his wife Elizabeth in 1841. The beautiful little finch was imported to Europe six years after the fact and immediately turned into a top choice among bird devotees.

The weighty interest for these pet birds prompted far and wide catching and fare from Australia until the last part of the 1960s. These practices incredibly decreased the quantity of wild birds. Assessments put the quantity of birds in the wild at under 2,500. In 1992, Gould’s finch was classified as “imperiled in nature” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Practically all pet examples are presently reproduced in imprisonment.



Gouldian finches are social birds that affection interfacing with other finches yet don’t endure human taking care of. However they are canny, their hesitance to be held makes them difficult for preparing to roost on your finger. Be that as it may, of the finch species, Gould’s finches are one of the calmest finches, so with enough constancy, you could possibly get them to come to you.

While inches are not loving with people, they do like being with other finches. They blossom with social connection, and it is ideal to keep Gouldian finches two by two or little runs. Finches are monogamous and mate forever.


Speech and Vocalizations

Gouldian finches don’t sing confounded melodies. They make a diligent melodic peeping sound that is probably not going to upset you or irritate neighbors. Gouldian finches are moderately tranquil birds and their low, peeping vocalization is charming to the ear. Gouldian finches are not known to mirror human discourse.


Gouldian Finch Colors and Markings

Gouldian finches are apparently the most beautiful of the finch family. The two guys and females show splendid plumage in blue, purple, yellow, red, dark, and green for certain varieties. Guys will in general show more distinctive shading than females—this is normal among many bird species.

By and large, finches fit into classifications dependent on the shade of their heads. For instance, they are called dark headed, red-headed, and yellow-headed, among different kinds. These head shading varieties are generally normal in hostage reared birds; in the wild, most Gouldian finches have clogged pores.


Caring Of Gouldian Finch

Gouldian finches are well known decisions in families with youngsters or the older in the home, and the individuals who live in lofts or townhouses. Since they stay in the enclosures, there is little danger of hurting these fragile birds.

These birds typically live in little aviary settings with different finch species, particularly society finches and zebra finches. Gouldian finches appear to be content in an aviary with live plants.

By and large, Gouldian finches are somewhat touchy birds that may not be the most ideal decision for first-time bird proprietors. They can get handily focused and are helpless to sicknesses. Gouldian finches are vulnerable to cold and require a temperature of between 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Comman Health Problems

Gouldian finches are helpless to air-sac bug disease, particularly if they are anxious. They are additionally inclined to layered face, which is brought about by a vermin that influences the skin around the bill, eyes, and legs. Any contaminations require prompt consideration from an accomplished avian veterinarian. If your finch creates congested nails or bill, look for the assistance of a bird custodian or vet.


Diet and Nutrition

In the wild, Gouldian finches eat grass seeds and creepy crawlies. In bondage, Gouldian finches appear to do best on a seed-based or pellet diet enhanced with new products of the soil every day. Feed them first thing, and attempt again at nightfall. Products of the soil should make up portion of the food presented to your finches. They eat up to 35 percent of their bodyweight every day.

Hard vegetables and natural products, for example, carrots, squash, and unripe pears ought to be finely cleaved or ground. Greens can be left entire or cleaved. Dandelion greens are a specific top choice of finches. Any new foods that you place in your Amazon’s enclosure ought to be removed when taking care of time is finished.

Give a cuttlebone within the enclosure for added calcium. The birds additionally utilize the cuttlebone to keep up with their bill and nails.



Like all finches, Gouldian finches are dynamic birds and need space to fly. Drastically restricting your bird isn’t suggested, as finches have an exceptionally high metabolic rate and flying assists them with getting plentiful exercise to consume energy. Since most Gouldian finches reject human communication, out-of-confine flight time isn’t a choice.

Be ready to buy the biggest flight confine you can. Expect that this bird will go through its whole time on earth in its enclosure. An enormous enclosure gives them admittance to free flight at whatever point they need. Flight confines regularly occupy as much room as a bigger parrot confine. The enclosure ought to be somewhere around 3 to 4 square feet for a for each pair of finches.

Finches need toys and roosts in their enclosure to appropriately practice and mingle. Buy little, chewable toys made of hard plastic. These birds are not solid chewers, so the toys will probably keep going long. Give different-sized roosts or branches; it empowers the birds to stretch out their feet.

Finches appreciate fluttering around in the water, so put a shallow shower dish with new water at the lower part of the enclosure three days every week.



  • Low support, doesn’t need practice period
  • Calm, useful for loft tenants
  • Beautiful, ideal for decorative presentation



  • Requires an enormous flight confine
  • Will require a buddy bird
  • Doesn’t bond with its proprietors or like to be taken care of


Where to Buy a Gouldian Finch

Breeding is best left to experts, as these birds are careless guardians. If you’re going the reproducer course, guarantee that the raiser is legitimate by asking them what amount of time they’ve been breeding the birds and require for a visit through the office. Ensure the enclosures are spotless, the birds are taken care of a shifted diet, and the reproducer is learned and responsive to your inquiries. Indications of a solid bird incorporate brilliant eyes, clean plumes, and full harvests. It ought to seem ready and dynamic. You will pay basically $100 for a Gouldian finch; some shading transformations cost considerably more.


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